Welcome to CSIRO's Ag Climate Data Shop

The Ag Climate Data Shop is the place to go to access ag related weather and climate data for Australia.

Climate data underpins a lot of what we do in CSIRO and is often needed by our partners and stakeholders. Knowing which data to use, where to find it, whether you need to buy it or what licence you have to use can be confusing. This shop simplifies access to data.

Historical, real-time and forecast weather and climate data and related analytics

The Ag Climate Data Shop brings CSIRO’s expertise, several data sets and models together in one place to make it easier for partners and customers to access and use these resources – saving you time and money.

Historical, real-time and forecast climate and weather data underpins a lot of the agricultural modelling produced by CSIRO and is often needed by our partners and stakeholders. In CSIRO, we provide the most trusted and credible sources of data.

Using the Software as a Service (SaaS) philosophy, we are providing subscription type services that allow access to data and models via Rest APIs and file downloads.


Delivery for many products is through CSIRO's Senaps platform. Senaps data and analytics services provide the underlying capability to deliver products in the Ag Climate Data Shop. The Senaps delivery method also allows you to build and deliver new tools and apps for your customers by value-adding these underlying models and data with your IP. Talk to the Senaps Team to find out more about how Senaps can help you get to market faster.

The Ag Climate Data Shop includes real-time data products from outputs of bespoke models such as degree growing days, pasture growth forecasts and automated localised weather forecasts.