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Picture of ePaddocks™ Australian Paddock Boundaries

ePaddocks™ Australian Paddock Boundaries

The ePaddocks™ Australian Paddock Boundaries dataset is a shapefile containing the boundaries of paddocks at national spatial extent.

Image credit: Copernicus Sentinel data 2019.
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Picture of PastureGrowth Grid

PastureGrowth Grid

PastureGrowth refers to the amount of carbon plants capture through photosynthesis and convert to biomass. PastureGrowth provides an excellent indication of ecosystem productivity, pasture production and crop yield. As a biophysical variable, PastureGrowth can be used to compare differences in productivity between locations and through time. PastureGrowth data provide more powerful insights into productivity than the more commonly used Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). This is because NDVI has no inherent biophysical meaning and must be related (calibrated) to some local, physical attribute, such as biomass or cover. Even when calibrated, the NDVI by itself is not always a good indicator of productivity because it cannot capture real variability in productivity when cover is high (such as in the north’s wet season, or in the south’s dark winter months, or during the peak of the cropping season or in irrigated pastures). It is for these reasons that we have developed this new product, PastureGrowth .

Data is accessed through a THREDDS server API as time-stamped GeoTIFFs of the product region(s).

Image: Render of Pasture Growth data across Australia for the 2018 calendar year.
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